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84 Miles Per Gallon for Only $6,800



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ANCHOR LEAD: Buying a new car is quite an exciting time in a consumer's life. But, with gas prices near an all-time high, and automobile prices and environmental concerns rising… consumers are finding it more difficult to find the right mix of personal style, reduced emissions and economical transportation. But, that is about to change in the coming year. Brian Osuch has the details. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. With gas prices approaching 4 dollars per gallon, US drivers are looking for a new alternative to get to work, Paul Elio of Elio Motors has designed a new commuter vehicle that will not only save you cash and our environment, but will help generate American manufacturing jobs. CUT: (Elio) It's claim to fame is that it gets 84 miles per gallon. It's engineered to the highest safety rating. Its sticker priced for $6,800, will be assembled in Shreveport, Louisiana with 90% North American content. SCRIPT: Elio was inspired to create the vehicle when oil prices were through the roof and he grew frustrated watching U.S. dollars pour out of the country. He was determined to change that… CUT: (Elio) Because of our price point we can put a tremendous number of these on the road. So, we can reduce total U.S. gas consumption by .35% after five years of sales. That's a meaningful number both on our carbon footprint as a country and our need for foreign oil. SCRIPT: Elio has already received over 20,000 reservations for the new vehicle! To learn more or to reserve your vehicle, go to ElioMotors.com. That's Newsbreak from Elio Motors.
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