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ANCHOR LEAD: If you think you're priced out of buying a new car… think again. Now there's a vehicle designed to cost you less upfront and save you money as you drive off the lot. Brian Osuch has more. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. These days the average starting price of a new vehicle is thirty-thousand dollars which carries a monthly payment close to five-hundred dollars. But, Elio Motor's Paul Elio says their new vehicle will start at only sixty-eight hundred dollars and get over eighty miles per gallon, sound impossible? It's not… CUT: (Elio) People have been asking for a fuel-efficient low priced vehicle for years. In 2008, I owned an automotive engineering firm and as oil prices were going through the roof and the American automotive industry was dying, instead of getting mad, I decided to do something about it. SCRIPT: Scheduled to be produced at the former GM Hummer plant in Shreveport Louisiana, Elio says one of his vehicle's key must-have's was its low price… CUT: (Elio) Sixty-eight hundred dollars for a brand new vehicle seems unbelievable, but its not. We partnered with some of the largest automotive suppliers in the world and together we designed the Elio. When people see the vehicle on the website, its unique design speaks for itself. SCRIPT: The Elio will be available next year and is currently taking reservations, to learn more about Elio Motors visit their website. That's Newsbreak from Elio Motors.
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