• 20-JUL-2012

  • SOURCE: Emanate PR

Achieve Without Limits!<br>Insurance Providers Offers Programs to Honor and Support U.S. Athletes

ANCHOR LEAD: Competing at the highest level in sports can be very challenging. To honor the commitment of U.S. athletes and lend some support, one fortune 500 company is helping to ensure they can "achieve without limits. Bobbi Owens has more. (: 60)

SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Bobbi Owens. For many elite athletes, it takes years of training to reach the pinnacle of sport. But in addition to blood, sweat, and tears many paralympians face different challenges along the road to winning gold. Paralympian Brad Johnson says no one knows that better than financial services provider, The Hartford. Brad, tell me about the "Achieve Without Limits" campaign.

CUT: (Johnson) The "Achieve without Limits" campaign with The Hartford – it was a promotion for them to encourage athletes as well as regular citizens to express or show their goals. The three areas were health, fitness, community service as well as small business growth.

SCRIPT: Track and Field Athlete April Holmes, will also be competing in this year's Paralympics, and she says the campaign is really all about encouraging achievement and moving the disabled community forward.

CUT: (Holmes) At The Hartford they've tried so hard to let people understand by showcasing those athletes with disabilities and using them to be motivation to others.

SCRIPT: For more go to Facebook-dot-com-slash-The-Hartford. That's Lifestyles from The Hartford. I'm Bobbi Owens.