• 30-MAR-2015

  • SOURCE: Entrepreneurs' Organization

The State of Global Entrepreneurship in 2015

Industry Leaders Share Findings and Economic Health Data from a Bi-Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs in 46 countries

Entrepreneurs play a vital role in the growth of the global economy – they create jobs as their businesses grow and mature – which deeply impacts their local communities. As the global and U.S. economy continue to show upward signs of mobility and sustained growth, the 2015 Global Entrepreneur Indicator (GEI) reveals a surge in entrepreneurship and an uptick in global economic health – a positive sign for aspiring business owners.

The majority of respondents reported adding full-time and part-time jobs, gaining more access to capital, a willingness to start new businesses and increased profit margins in the past six months while remaining optimistic about profit outlook in the next six months. On March 25th, Blair Assaly and Gilberto Crombé of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO), will share results of the survey and discuss the state of entrepreneurship in 2015. They will talk about U.S., regional and global trends that are impacting businesses, ranging from small businesses and medium-sized to entrepreneurial giants.

Topics to be discussed can include:
1) Jobs: The rates at which entrepreneurs have hired over the last few years vs. the rate they plan to hire in the next six months.
2) Business environment: Entrepreneurs are much more positive about the current business environment than they have been in recent years.
3) Revenue and profit: Some regions are trending upwards, while others remain steady, and why are we seeing the regional differences that exist?