´´Wir muessen den EU reformieren, aber kann Gross Britannien ueberleben?´´ --EVP Gruppe Vorsitzende Manfred Weber



Shoot Date

24 Jun 2016

Shoot Location

Brussels, Belgium

Edited Package
Brexit-Weber The bigger problem for the moment has Great Britain. They have to decide how it will go on. It´s really a question on the table whether Great Britain can sustain, whether Great Britain survive in this situation. I think for the rest of the European Union, we are convinced that this way is a good way. We have to reform, we have to make it better for future. But I think it´s for the rest of the European Union clear that it´s better to stay together. Nobody will be punished. It´s totally clear: we respect the outcome of the vote and people in Britain asked for sovereignty and they have to answer what sovereignty means. If you want to have full sovereignty, that means for example, you cannot have access to the single market of the European Union. Everybody that is part of the single market has to respect the rules of the single market, like Switzerland, like Norway is doing. And that applies for the future as well for Great Britain.
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