Crisis in agriculture and the EPP Group proposals



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13 Jun 2016

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Brussels, Belgium

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1. The selling price is under the cost, I think that it’s very very bad for the farmers in a lot of areas, especially in the dairy sector. 2. The farmers are under terrible pressure from the markets. The prices of their products is really catastrophic for them at the moment. That’s why we have to act. The Union, the European Commission has to act. We have to intervene in the market, that’s clear. And we have to strengthen the power of the farmers to be stronger against their partners in the market. 3. EPP is asking the Commission to come with some measures. I can mention some of them: Unfair trading practices in the food supply chain, because at the moment farmers are less important than the retailers, and we have to fix this because it’s not a level playing field. And even with some limits in the market share for the retailers, which I think is very good for balancing the prices. Because if you have a dominant share, you can decide the prices.
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