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A New Way to Search on Facebook



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ANCHOR LEAD: With 1-billion users, more than 240-billion photos and more than a trillion connections, one of the world's most popular social media communities is helping people stay connected in an advanced way. Brian Osuch has the story. (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Brian Osuch. Searching online just got more interesting with Facebook's new Graph Search, Consumer Tech Journalist, Jennifer Jolly says it's a smarter more useful way to search which bridges your offline-world with your online-world. CUT: (Jolly) You do a Facebook Graph Search, and the results are very personalized to you; can help you find a restaurant in a town that you're visiting in, help you find photos from your old college days, it can recommend music or a playlist based on what your friends like. SCRIPT: Those recommendations are even more relevant to you because they're based on things you like and people you know. CUT: (Jolly) Ninety-two percent of us want to find things based on our friends or our families recommendations. Here's a way to access that quickly and easily. SCRIPT: But, what about privacy? CUT: (Jolly) No one can go onto Facebook Graph Search and find something about you that they couldn't already see on Facebook. SCRIPT: So, how does Facebook Graph Search work? CUT: (Jolly) Go into the search bar and type in your name and type in the word photos… or your name and the word "likes." Everything that's linked to your name will pop up there. SCRIPT: That's Lifestyles from Facebook.
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