• 26-MAR-2013

  • SOURCE: FedEx Corporation

Canadian Prime Minister Welcomes First Pandas to Reside in the Country in More Than 20 Years

The first giant pandas to reside in Canada in more than 20 years arrived in Toronto. Four-year-old male, Da Mao, and five-year-old female, Er Shun, traveled from Chengdu, China, to Toronto, Canada. The pair flew on the "FedEx Panda Express," an MD-11F aircraft specially-chartered and panda-decaled for the flight.

The breeding pair traveled in custom-built transport containers and were accompanied by veterinarians from the Toronto Zoo to ensure a safe flight. Going a step beyond first class, the pandas and their "luggage" were the only cargo transported on the flight. Together, they will spend five years in the Toronto Zoo before relocating for another five years in residence at the Calgary Zoo.

Available content includes B-roll of the departure in China and arrival of the pandas in Toronto, soundbites from Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper as well as Lissa Lisson, President of FedEx Express Canada and David Lange, MD FedEx Charter Operations.