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Fertilizing Young Minds



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ANCHOR LEAD: Sometimes the lessons kids learn outside of the classroom are just as important as those learned within the four walls. Brian Osuch has more. (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Brian Osuch. Do your kids really know where their favorite foods come from… probably not. That is why Master Gardener, Dee McKenna, says creating a "Learning Garden" can teach them that and so much more. Dee, what is a Learning Garden? CUT: (McKenna) It's an extension of your school. It's a place where kids can get outside and explore nature and apply the math and science and core subjects that are being taught within the school. SCRIPT: How do you get started? CUT: (McKenna) So, I would find the teachers, and the parents who are really vested in the school, and who want to see a school garden. Create a committee, a vision. And then get expert advice. SCRIPT: What should you plant? CUT: (McKenna) It just depends on your garden zone. We are also restricted by the school calendar and we're not here in the summer to do a lot of gardening. So, we got to plant things in the fall or in the spring where kids can see the planting all they way to the harvest. SCRIPT: For free soil science curriculum and educational materials to get your kids started in the garden, visit Nutrients-for-Life-dot-Org. That's Lifestyles from Nutrients for Life.
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