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How To Spot And Avoid The Latest Mortgage And Housing Scams



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ANCHOR LEAD: Even though the worst of the housing crisis is over, many families across the country continue to struggle with their mortgage payments or other housing challenges. This opens up the front door to scammers who are trying to get your money, your house… and even your identity. Brian Osuch has the story. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. Every day fraud artists target desperate families with promises to fix mortgage problems, repair credit or find affordable rentals. Lead Fraud Investigator for Freddie Mac, Robert Hagberg, says it's important to learn how to spot and avoid mortgage and real estate scams. CUT: (Hagberg) Be leery of anyone who might be asking you to pay a fee upfront. That is a violation of several state laws as well as some federal statutes. As well as that, be on guard against any requests or a direction to sign an unfilled document… a blank document. SCRIPT: Hagberg says many of these fraudsters are looking for more than your mortgage payment of rent check… in many cases, the intent is to get personal information. CUT: (Hagberg) It opens up the potential for identity theft. When you consider the fact that you handed off your name, you social security number and date of birth… what else could a fraudster do with that information. SCRIPT: For more go to FreddieMac.com. That's Newsbreak from Freddie Mac. I'm Brian Osuch.
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