• 05-MAY-2014

  • SOURCE: Garden Club of America

Climate and Your Spring Garden: Why It's Getting Worse …. and What Can be Done About It

Linda James,a memberof the East Hampton Garden Club since 1988 and Vice Chair for Climate Change for the Garden Club of America's Conservation Committee, talks about how today's climate is already changing spring and summer planting for many American Gardens:

· As our climate changes, signs of spring are arriving sooner including flower blooms. This "season creep" leaves the premature blooms more vulnerable to frost damage when cold snaps occur.

· Climate change also may result in a mismatch of flower blooms to peak pollinator activity, necessary for robust vegetable harvests.

· Warming conditions may increase the risk of damage to garden plants by certain pests and invasive species.

· Climate change will also create more extreme weather, including heavy downpours that can damage young plants, erodetopsoil, and cause root rot.