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Protecting Yourself and Your Home Before, During and After a Winter Storm



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ANCHOR LEAD: Weather forecasters are predicting that many parts of the nation will see below normal temperatures and extreme winter weather conditions throughout the coming months. Is your home prepared? Brian Osuch has more. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. Extreme cold and increased snow totals are expected to blanket most of the country this winter. Host of TV's Today's Homeowner Danny Lipford says there are easy ways to winterize and protect your home to keep your family safe this winter. CUT: (Lipford) Sealing up the envelope of your home – more weather stripping, more caulking. Make sure you have your furnace serviced. You want to also make sure you stock up on a few things like rock salt or some type of de-icer, and certainly make sure that snow blower is ready to go. SCRIPT: Last year millions were left in the cold and dark after winter storms caused extended power outages. Lipford says don't let misconceptions of home standby generators keep you from having a back up power supply. CUT: (Lipford) Generac power systems have developed systems that are much smaller so they don't really stand out in your yard; they are much more efficient, the technology that they're using now allows the power to turn right back on immediately after there is a power outage and to turn off as soon as the power is restored. SCRIPT: For more, go to Generac.com/beprepared. That's Newsbreak from Generac.
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