• 30-MAY-2014

  • SOURCE: Generac

When the Storm Comes, Will You Be Ready?

The 2014 hurricane season begins on June 1st and while it can be easy to overlook storm preparedness until your local meteorologist starts naming storms, it's best to start preparing before your stores sell out of the basics.

While stocking up on essential items, like food and water, are automatic actions for most, there are other important things that homeowners need to do ahead of time to protect their home.

The Weather Channel's Danny Lipford, talks about his top tips to help prepare for summer storm season. Danny shares the most important tips that homeowners need to know when preparing for storms. Some of the topics he covers include:

<UL> <LI> Prepping your home to prevent damage to the outside<LI> Important purchases to have ahead of time in case of a power outage<LI> How to prevent flooding to the inside of your home</UL>


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