• 01-NOV-2016

  • SOURCE: Goodyear Dunlop

The Day Dunlop turned an SUV into a Ski Ramp

Dunlop_SkiJump_Pic 9

But why would a skier want to use a car as ramp? Actually: why not? Some people are relentlessly challenging the limits and don’t take “impossible” for an answer. That’s exactly what happened here: Dunlop installed a gigantic snow shovel on the front of an SUV, challenging a skier to perform an epic loop. 

Watch the epic video clip and have a look behind the scene with the making-of video.

Available assets include (in English and other languages):

- 90 sec. video of the stunt

- Interview of the skier

- Interview of the driver

- Making-of video

- Infographic about the stunt

- Pictures of the stunt

- Press release about the Dunlop Winter Sport 5 SUV


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