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Shoot Date

25 Jun 2014

Shoot Location

Tapei, Taiwan

Production Company


Edited Package
00"00"00to 00'00"06 Wind turbine 00'00"06 to 00'00"17 Various places in Taipei 00'00"17 to 00'00"29 Animation, green designs, green buildings in Taipei 00'00"29 to 00'00"31 NexPower headquarter in Taizhong City, Taiwan 00'00"31 to 00'00"47 NexPower lab and factory 00'00"47 to 00'01"18 Various shots of BIPV module 00'01"18 to 00'01"47 Interview, President, NexPower, Spencer Yeh 00'01"47 to 00'02"06 Implementations of NexPower thin film 00'02"06 to 00'02"28 Implementations of NexPower thin film in buildings around the world 00'02"28 to 00'02"46 Thin film's various installation experiences 00'02"46 to 00'03"03 Thin film's production processes 00'03"03 to 00'03"12 Certifications and awards 00'03"12 to 00'03"23 Different outdoors modules 00'03"23 to 00'03"40 NexPower showroom
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