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00'00"02 to 00'00"10 Various LED bulbs 00'00"10 to 00'00"15 Decoration lights 00'00"16 to 00'00"20 Local brands in display 00'00"20 to 00'00"23 Jan Cheng Lighting Co. 00'00"24 to 00'00"40 Production line 00'00"40 to 00'00"51 Soundbite: Hsin-Yi Huang, Director of Product, Jan Cheng Lighting Co. 00'00"52 to 00'01"06 LED Production line 00'01"07 to 00'01"13 Chin-Line Wang at work, President, Jan Cheng Lighting Co. 00'01"14 to 00'01"20 Soundbite: Chin-Line Wang, President, Jan Cheng Lighting Co. 00'01"21 to 00'01"24 Jan Cheng Lighting Co. exterior and interior shots 00'01"25 to 00'01"30 Print media report 00'01"31 to 00'01"37 LED products 00'01"31 to 00'01"52 Soundbite: Chenwie Huang, Jan Cheng Lighting Co. 00'01"53 to 00'02"06 Exhibiton room showing various LED lights
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