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No more toxic clothing products



Shoot Date

09 Sep 2013

Shoot Location

Tainan, Taiwan

Production Company

Green Trade Project Office, Taiwan

Edited Package
00'00"03-00'00"21 modeling shots 00'00"21-00'00"29 fashion designer, skeches 00'00"30-00'00"47 textile factory 00'00"48-00'01"04 waste water and air pollution from textile industry 00'01"05-00'01"09 human respiratory system 00'01"10-00'01"25 runway show clothing sketches 00'01"25-00'01"27 organic cotton comparison 00'01"27-00'01"36 waste water discharge and air emission 00'01"36-00'01"49 inside the dyeing manufacturer 00'02"16-00'02"35 sound bite: BEBE COTTONKNITTING, MANAGING DIRECTOR HARCH HONG 00'02"35-00'02"40 all sorts of fabrics 00'02"40-00'03"01 lingerie styles 00'03"18-00'03"30 textile dyeing waste-water treatment 00'03"33-00'03"48 color master-batch 00'03"48-00'04"02 sound bite:TexRay Industrial Chairman Ray Lin 00'04"03-00'04"07 coloring raw material dyeing technique 00'04"10-00'04"52 high tech garment 00'05"02-00'05"22 sound bite:TexRay Industrial Chairman Ray Lin 00'05"26-00'05"35 textile factory scenes 00'05"37-00'05"42 final products 00'05"43-00'05"45 customer picking fabrics
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