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Taiwan Shines Your Business Idea - Clean



Shoot Date

09 May 2013

Shoot Location

Taipei, Taiwan

Production Company

Green Trade Project Office

General Views
00'00"03-00'00"10 Storage Cabinet 00'00"11-00'00"24 Green Products 00'00"25-00'00"30 Graphic of Green Products coming out of Taiwan map 00'00"31-00'00"36 Inside manufacturer's office 00'00"37-00'00"38 Green Products on display 00'00"40-00'00"55 SOUNDBITE: Simon Huang, Managing Director, JPSeco 00'00"56-00'01"13 Natural Fiber 00'01"13-00'01"16 Natural fiber-made sample 00'01"16-00'01"20 Thread 00'01"21-00'01"27 Natural fiber-made containers 00'01"28-00'01"36 Inside Wei Mon Industry 00'01"38-00'01"42 SOUNDBITE: Caleb Wang, Manager/Environmental Materials Divisio, WEI MON INDUSTRY 00'01"43-00'01"55 PROCESSING Poly Lactic Acid 00'01"56-00'02"14 Poly Lactic Acid containers 00'02"15-00'02"22 Inside Wei Mon Industry 00'02"23-00'02"24 Exterior of SIEYU NATURE PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY 00'02"25-00'02"43 SIEYU products: medical instrument, kitchen utensils, electronic appliances 00'02"44-00'02"57 Interior: SHUTER 00'02"58-00'03"17 Yira Wu, Managing Director, SHUTER 00'03"18-00'03"28 SHUTER products and awards 00'03"28-00'03"40 Inside SHUTER factory 00'03"41-00'03"45 Containers produced by SHUTER 00'03"46-00'03"49 SHUTER award certificates 00'03"50-00'04"12 Graphics: natual made- and eco friendly- products out of Taiwan map
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