• SOURCE: Green Trade Project Office

Taiwanese Detergents Maker Embarks On A Green Revolution



Shoot Date

28 Jul 2013

Shoot Location


Production Company

Green Trade Project Office, Taiwan

Edited Package
00'00"03-00'00"20 Washing hands with detergent 00'00"21-00'00"38 Cleaning products of all kinds 00'00"39-00'00"49 Chemical residues caused by detergents 00'00"50-00'00"54 Dermatological problems 00'00"55-00'01"01 Petro-chemical pollution 00'01"02-00'01"11 Chemical experiment in lab 00'01"12-00'01"27 SOUNDBITE: Simon Liu, Vice General Manager, Pan Asia Chemical Corporation 00'01"28-00'01"36 Natural detergent factory 00'01"37-00'01"45 Natural resource, fruits 00'01"46-00'02"03 Staff working in natural detergent factory 00'02"04-00'02"24 Sugar cane field 00'02"25-00'02"36 Natural detergent factory and lab 00'02"36-00'02"52 Petro-chemical pollution 00'02"53-00'03"32 SOUNDBITE: Akihiko Ota, President, Greencol Taiwan Corporation 00'02"54-00'03"32 Various sorts of natural detergents
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