• SOURCE: Green Trade Project Office

Taiwanese Ways to Travel Green



Shoot Date

02 Apr 2013

Shoot Location

Taipei, Taiwan

Production Company

Green Trade Project Office, Taiwan

Edited Package
00'00"03-00'00"21 Motorcycles all over city of Taipei 00'00"24-00'01"08 Electric scooter, E-Moving 00'01"09-00'01"16 Soundbite: Wang Li-Wei, Marketing Manager, CMC Motor 00'01"17-00'01"34 Electric scooter, E-Moving being tested 00'01"35-00'01"38 Electric scooter charging station 00'01"39-00'01"50 Lithium battery 00'01"52-00'01"55 Soundbite: Wang Li-Wei, Marketing Manager, CMC Motor 00'01"56-00'02"05 Electric scooter, E-Moving maintenance center 00'02"06-00'02"16 Electric scooter, E-Moving 00'02"17-00'02"20 E-Movin winning the IF award 00'02"22-00'02"25 Biker in Taipei street 00'02"26-00'02"42 Bicycle shop 00'02"43-00'02"53 U-Bikes in city streets of Taipei 00'02"54-00'03"12 People riding U-Bikes in Taipei
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