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Ua Floors



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00'00"02 to 00'00"5 UA Floors exterior 00'00"06 to 00'00"12 Various wooden products 00'00"12 to 00'00"23 UA Floors' products are used in various famous stores and buildings 00'00"23 to 00'00"40 Chairperson Andy Su introduces his products 00'00"40 to 00'00"53 Soundbite: Andy Su, Chairperson, UA Floors 00'00"53 to 00'01"03 Various wooden flooring products 00'01"03 to 00'01"18 Su shows his wood collections 00'01"19 to 00'01"29 Various international and domestic certifications and awards 00'01"30 to 00'02"21 Shots of factory assembly line 00'02"22 to 00'02"49 Su and his team having a meeting 00'02"50 to 00'03"11 Various end products 00'03"12 to 00'03"27 through a microscope, a person's peripheral blood has gradually become smaller and is flowing better 00'03"27 to 00'03"59 Rooms, spaces with flooring products
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