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Rupf B-Roll



TC 00.0” The Collection of Hermann and Margrit Rupf, pictured here on either side of this 1945 phoro, is exceptional because of the Swiss couple’s close friendship with many of the artists involved. A life of friendships that also included the gallery owner Daniel Henry Kahnweiler, who we see in the center of this image, or portrayed here by Pablo Picasso. TC 00.24” In the first decade of the twentieth century Hermann Rupf and Kahnweiler frequently visited the great Spanish artist in his Paris studio, as well as Georges Braque or André Derain. And they bought their masterpieces with the paint barely dry, as the curators of the exhibition at the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum Susanne Friedli and Petra Joos point out. TC 00.45” SUSANNE FRIEDLI “He knew the artists by themselves, they went together to see Picasso or made studio visits to Georges Bracque. It was this very close and friendly collection which brought Rupf to collecting”. TC 1.03” PETRA JOOS (IN ENGLISH) “It’s a very refined collection that reflects what was the art of their time. In fact, at least until the end of the 1930s, they bought many works in the same year as the artist produced them” TC 1.28” From 1913 the couple also maintained a close friendship with Lily and Paul Klee; their neighbours in Bern. Klee used to present them with dedicated works for their birthdays or for Christmas. TC 1.40” After the First World Warr, the Rupf continued traveling to Paris, or hosting in Bern artists like Juan Gris, Fernand Léger, André Masson, or Henri Laurens. TC 1.52” From 1930, Vasily Kandinsky joined the Rupf’s circle of friends. The swiss couple supported him financially in difficult times. And in return , he made them generous gifts of works that today are considered 20th century masterpieces. TC. 2.08” At the end of their lives, Hermann and Margrit Rupf created the Foundation that bears their name and donated their collection to the Kunstmuseum Bern. Today, the Foundation ontinues its work with new acquisitions and exhibitions like this one at the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, from 11 November 11 to 23 April . TC 2.30” ENDS
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