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Back to School Basics



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ANCHOR LEAD: It’s back to school time! Besides the backpacks and new sneakers, there are other things that need to be taken care of to make sure your children are prepped for not only a productive, but healthy school year. Brian Osuch (Oh-such) has the details. (:60) SCRIPT: It’s a new school year and Registered Nurse and CEO of HealthyWomen, Beth Battaglino says it’s a good time to get a checkup… CUT: (Battaglino) For kids with asthma, inflammation can exist in the large and small airways of the lungs and school performance can be affected. So, a controller medication might be needed. For tips, go to GetSmartAboutAsthma.com. SCRIPT: And how about lunch box snacks? CUT: (Battaglino) Moms want to avoid sugar but kids love sweets. California Raisins are a naturally sweet option with no added sugar, fat or cholesterol, plus fiber, potassium and iron. Visit LoveYourRaisins.com for great recipes. SCRIPT: Teach kids healthy habits with characters they love CUT: (Battaglino) New Star Wars Gummy Vitamins by NatureSmart are complete Multi-Vitamins that provide over 10 essential vitamins and minerals for children. There is also animmune support formula. CUT: (Battaglino) Colgate Kids Mouthwash features Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The new anti-cavity fluoride rinse strengthens enamel, freshens breath, swishes away particles and comes in great kid friendly flavors. SCRIPT: That’s Lifestyles from HealthyWomen.
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