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Feeling Great from the Inside Out



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ANCHOR LEAD: Feeling and looking good often go hand in hand, and sometimes all it takes to feel good – is making better choices. Brian Osuch has more on how you can start living a healthier lifestyle while feeling fit and fabulous. (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I’m Brian Osuch. 73 percent of women over 40 say they’ve recently reinvented themselves with over 50 percent focusing on improving their health. Registered Nurse and CEO of HealthyWomen.org, Beth Battaglino says it’s easy to get started… CUT: (Battaglino) Start by telling yourself you can do it. Next, set realistic and achievable goals… and finally be nice to yourself. Reward your successes as you start moving towards a healthier lifestyle. SCRIPT: Battaglino recommends fueling your body before you set out for the day... CUT: (Battaglino) Start with a healthy breakfast. I recommend Great Grains Digestive Blend cereals, in new Vanilla Graham or Berry Medley Flavors. It has fiber, active cultures and eighty-five-percent of your daily-recommended amount of whole grains per serving. SCRIPT: And how about healthier choices while on the go… CUT: (Battaglino) Soy foods are a great source of plant-based protein. I recommend SOYJOY, it’s an all-natural and certified gluten-free snack bar with pieces of real fruit and non GMO ground whole soybeans. SCRIPT: For more, visit HealthyWomen.org. That’s Lifestyles from HealthyWomen.org.
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