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ANCHOR LEAD: New Year's resolutions are on the minds of many women this time of year. If you're looking for some encouragement, Chanel Caraway finds out how you can set aside anything that's holding you back from achieving your goals in 2014. (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Chanel Caraway. As women go through life, their health concerns change and can have an impact on achieving their goals. In a recent poll conducted by Healthy-Women-dot-org a nice smile and straight teeth were something that almost always affects a woman's self-confidence. Healthy Women CEO Beth Battaglino… CUT: (Battaglino) A beautiful smile is achievable no matter what your age. One of the more popular teeth straightening options available is Invisalign. The nearly invisible, clear aligners work much like braces but with minimal impact to your schedule. It's comparably priced to traditional braces and covered by most dental insurance. SCRIPT: Among the over-50 crowd health concerns that can impact lifestyles frequently center around "below the waist" issues, like overactive bladder. CUT: (Battaglino) Overactive bladder causes a frequent and/or urgent need to urinate, sometimes with accidents. I want women to know that OAB is treatable. In fact, there is an over-the-counter option called Oxytrol® For Women. It's a thin, clear patch available at local retailers. SCRIPT: For more go to Healthy Women-dot-org. That's Lifestyles from Invisalign and Oxytrol® For Women.
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