• 21-FEB-2012

  • SOURCE: Historic Black Farmers Discrimination Settlement

Final Claims Deadline Nears for Black Farmers in Historic $1.25 Billion Settlement

A landmark class action settlement for African Americans who experienced farm loan discrimination by the USDA is entering its final phase. African Americans who farmed or attempted to farm (or their heirs) may be eligible for a sizeable cash payment or loan forgiveness from this $1.25 billion class action settlement. This final phase of the Black Farmers Discrimination Settlement (sometimes called "Pigford II") is only for people who tried to file a late claim in the original Pigford case. The absolute, final deadline for filing a claim is May 11, 2012.

This is the last chance for those eligible to get payments and loan forgiveness from the Black Farmers Discrimination Settlement.

Lawyers appointed by the court are holding meetings around the country to provide those who are included in the settlement with free help filing claims. Completing a claim may take some time, so those who think they are included should get more information now.