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Home Improvement Projects That Pay Off



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ANCHOR LEAD: Whether you're planning an update for personal enjoyment or to increase your home's resale value, you want to make sure you choose renovations that give a return on investment. Brian Osuch has more. (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyle, I'm Brian Osuch. Is quartz the new granite? Are Farmhouse sinks here to stay? With sites like Pinterest, keeping up with home improvement trends can be exhausting. Personal finance expert Leah Ingram… CUT: (Ingram) Whenever you plan to do a home improvement project you'd want to think about the return on investment. Experts continue to tell me you get that biggest return on investment by focusing on the kitchen and the bath. SCRIPT: And with the average kitchen remodel coming in at over $22,000, it can also be costly! Ingram highlights the importance of using reliable information to make an educated decision. CUT: (Ingram) When talking about cost of home improvement projects you need to know what your budget is and you've got to figure out what you can afford. I don't start any home improvement project without first visiting HomeAdvisor.com's cost guide where I can see what real life homeowners in my area are paying for the projects I'm interested in doing. SCRIPT: For more visit HomeAdvisor.com. That's Lifestyle from HomeAdvisor.
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