• 08-OCT-2014

  • SOURCE: HomeAdvisor.com

Top Home Improvement Projects that Pay Off

Personal Finance Expert Leah Ingram Talks Trends, Renovations and Return on Investment

Is quartz the new granite? Are Farmhouse sinks here to stay? To subway tile, or not to subway tile? With sites like Pinterest, keeping up with home improvement trends can be exhausting. And with the average kitchen remodel coming in at about $22,200, it can also be costly!

Whether you're planning an update for personal enjoyment or to increase your home's resale value, you want to make sure you choose renovations that give a return on investment. Personal finance expert Leah Ingram talks about how to avoid a case of renovator's remorse and get the most bang for your buck. From countertops to shower styles, she discusses home improvement trends that are here to stay and those that are likely to fizzle.

Kitchen and bath still top the list of most popular (and often most expensive) rooms to remodel. Leah shares the most popular projects, the cost of each and the potential return on investment.


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