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Death of the Ding Dong?!? Say It Ain't So!



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ANCHOR LEAD: After 72 years of making some of our favorite foods, Brian Osuch finds out the baker of Wonder Bread and Twinkies is waging a battle to stay in business. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. Hostess Brands, the parent company of some of our favorite treats like Twinkies and CupCakes, is in bankruptcy reorganization. Hostess CEO, Greg Rayburn, says its bakery workers are threatening to strike, which would have a devastating effects on the company and its workforce. . CUT: (Rayburn) Our lenders won't fund operations through a strike, and our customers won't stand by for out-of-stock positions if our production shuts down. So unfortunately, even if a select few plants decide to strike out of our network that can still lead to the loss of 18,500 jobs. SCRIPT: Rayburn says a new deal will allow employees to share in the company's future success. CUT: (Rayburn) The union employees are going to get 25% of the ownership of the new Hostess as it emerges from bankruptcy. My hope is that once we impose the changes that the bakers union will choose to stay on the job and continue to make our products. And that we will then emerge from bankruptcy and have a successful future. SCRIPT: For more, log onto Hostess-Brands-dot-com. That's Newsbreak from Hostess.
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