All I Want for Christmas is to Keep My Personal and Financial Info. Safe



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ANCHOR LEAD: Recent news has many consumers checking their credit card statements and bank accounts to ensure their personal information hasn't been compromised. Brian Osuch has more on how you can safely shop these last few days leading up to Christmas (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. This time of year many last minute shoppers are turning to online purchases over crowded shopping centers. But, with that can come some last minute worries over credit card number and identify theft. HP's Art Wong says there are ways to help limit the risks. CUT: (Wong) Consumers can be really diligent about having a standard level of security software on their devices. Whether they're mobile devices or whether they're PC's. And they really need to be diligent around going to websites that they may not know the actual identify of. We recommend that they also do not click on links that go to websites, and instead, type those links in themselves. SCRIPT: And Wong says many businesses can do their part by keeping consumer information confidential. CUT: (Wong) They're looking to experts like HP security and our 5000+ security experts worldwide to provide them managed security services and consulting to help them identify their risks and reduce their risks and better protect their infrastructure and their data. SCRIPT: For more, go to HP.com/security. That's Newsbreak from HP.
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