One Giant Leap for Networking Technology



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ANCHOR LEAD: Reducing cost and complexity are top of mind for many organizations when it comes to networking. T.K. Anderson has more from one networking solutions provider with a new offering that aims to address both issues, while at the same time creating a new marketplace of opportunity. (:60) SCRIPT: Technology Now, I'm T.K. Anderson. In an industry first, HP has unveiled an open ecosystem for software-defined networking, or "SDN", with an SDN App Store and an SDN Software Developer Kit. HP Network's Bethany Mayer says the networking industry is craving innovative technologies and is primed for a monumental leap forward. CUT: (Mayer) We're creating an open ecosystem available to everyone – from the largest of enterprise to a handful of developers working in their garage – increasing the pace of network innovation. SCRIPT: Mayer says the networks of today are manually intensive and rigid, and so they are costly and complicated as a result. SDN changes that paradigm by automating the networks. CUT: (Mayer) With these new SDN applications, customers can tune the network to their specific business needs, making their business more agile and competitive. SCRIPT: Mayer also says technology partners can develop and sell applications from the HP SDN AppStore directly, establishing a new model for how network services are purchased and implemented. For more go to HP-dot-com-slash-Go-slash-Networking. That's Technology Now from HP.
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