Women On The Front Lines Of Cybersecurity



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ANCHOR LEAD: We've now seen two years of big data breaches and it appears there's more we can be doing to keep our personal information safe. Brian Osuch has the details on how more women can jump into the cybersecurity battlefield to help save the day. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. Finding qualified cybersecurity professionals is an obstacle for businesses. Even more challenging is finding qualified women for these jobs. Jewel Timpe is with HP Security Research and says the skills many women possess today translate into this field. CUT: (Timpe) Cybersecurity needs a wide range of skills. Everything from engineering to public policy and privacy, project management, communications even… not just flashy hacker-types that we see in the media today. SCRIPT: Women occupy less than 25 percent of STEM careers, and that's just one reason HP is sponsoring the Scholarship for Women Studying Information Security. CUT: (Timpe) The scholarship program is a joint effort between HP and the ACSA and it's meant specifically to award scholarships to women studying information security at a baccalaureate or an advanced degree level. Over the course of the program, HP has pledged a quarter of a million dollars in scholarship funds, but beyond that we're also providing internship opportunities. SCRIPT: For more, go to SWSIS.wordpress.com. That's Newsbreak from HP.
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