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Protecting Lives and Property Before Disaster Strikes



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ANCHOR LEAD: According to the Insurance Information Institute, super storm Sandy caused more than $18 billion in insured losses. Are you ready for the next disaster? T.K. Anderson has more. (: 60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm T.K. Anderson. As predictions for a severe 2013-hurricane season roll in, home and business owners need to heed the lessons learned from hurricane Sandy. Jeanne Salvatore with the Insurance Information Institute says whether your area is prone to tropical storms, earthquakes, wildfires or tornadoes, there are four things every business owner or homeowner should do now to prepare for the worst. CUT: (Salvatore) You want to find out what you are covered for, what you're not. The second thing is that everybody needs is an up-to-date home inventory. The third thing is that absolutely everybody needs a disaster plan. And then lastly, you want to protect your home from disaster so you want to learn about things that you can do to make your home more disaster resistant. SCRIPT: Where can people go for more information about insurance? CUT: (Salvatore) For more information about insurance go to I-I-I-dot-o-r-g. SCRIPT: That website again is I-I-I-dot-org. That's Lifestyles from the Insurance Information Institute. I'm T.K. Anderson.
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