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Did You Try Restarting Your Computer?



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SCRIPT: Technology Now, I'm Brian Osuch. The average household has about 24 electronic gadgets. Eventually, one of those devices will probably go awry. McAfee consumer technical support manager, Tracy Romine, says there's one very frequently asked question. CUT: (Romine) One of the most common questions we get at McAfee Techmaster is "How did I get infected?" These days malware can jump onto your system just by visiting the wrong website. Used to be you had to click on something to download an application or maybe an attachment in an email. Now, if you just go to the wrong page, suddenly you've got malware. SCRIPT: And how about a solution? CUT: (Romine) One of the things we dish up to all of the people that contact us at McAfee Techmaster is you know we'll encourage them, first and foremost, make sure you've got a reputable antivirus software on your computer. And from these days, also on your smartphone. McAfee of course has got all your bases covered. You've got PCs, Macs, but McAfee mobile security is also out there. And antivirus software, you want to make sure you have that on your devices. SCRIPT: For more information, log onto Techmaster-dot-McAfee-dot-com-forward slash-radio. That's Technology Now from McAfee.
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