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ANCHOR LEAD: Do you really know what your child is doing online? Brian Osuch finds out how more youth are exposed to online bullying and how connected devices can hinder their education. (: 60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. New findings from McAfee's latest study: Digital Deception: Exploring the Online Disconnect Between Parents and Kids, finds eighty-nine-percent of all youth ages ten to twenty-three witnessed mean behavior on various social media platforms… and more than half of all thirteen to twenty-three year olds admitted to cheating on a test or assignment. Parent Tech Safety Advocate, Michelle Dennedy says the back to school timeframe is ideal for parents to help ensure their students stay safe online… and it comes down to the three C's. CUT: (Dennedy) Cyber Safety is really making sure not giving out to much information to subject them to identity theft, that sort of stuff. Cyber Security is their stuff… thinking about phones, platforms, tablets, even library machines at school, and how do they keep those devices up-to-date with their online protections and softwares. And then finally, and probably the trickiest and most personal is Cyber Ethics… how do you want to be perceived in the world, and then how do you want them to treat other people. SCRIPT: For more information log onto McAfee-dot-com. That's Newsbreak from McAfee.
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