• 05-AUG-2013

  • SOURCE: Intel Security

Cyber-Bullying and Cheating

What You Can Do at Home to Curb this Problem before Kids Head Back-to-School

According to a new study, children are still witnessing bullying online in great numbers, and parents are not fully aware of the issues. Additionally, children are continuing to find ways to use technology to cheat, while only half of the parents of cheating kids believe they do so. With summer vacation coming to an end and a new school year about to begin, this is the perfect time for parents to sit down with their families and have an open conversation about their time spent online.

Parent Tech Safety Advocate, Michelle Dennedy, who is also the VP and Chief Privacy Officer of McAfee, educates and protects children, families and communities in the Digital Age. She reveals the findings of McAfee's latest study: Digital Deception: Exploring the Online Disconnect between Parents and Kids, and shares her advice on how parents can ensure their children can stay safe online as they get ready to go back to school.

Available content includes soundbites from Michelle Dennedy, and B-roll.


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