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The ABCs of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)



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ANCHOR LEAD: With students across the country back in class, kindergarten teachers have reported that more than 30-percent of children entering their classrooms are socially and emotionally unprepared to be successful. Brian Osuch finds out there are ways parents can help prepare their kids emotionally for the future. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. Emotional intelligence or EQ is one's ability to recognize, understand and manage emotions. Research shows that children who learn these skills are more likely to do well in all aspects of life. Award-winning Child Development and Parenting Expert, Denise Daniels says parents can help develop their child's EQ. CUT: (Daniels) One of the things we want to do is talk about our feelings and what things are upsetting to us or what makes us happy. Talk about those experiences, and link the experience with the emotion and then simple strategies on how to manage those emotions. SCRIPT: To help, Daniels has developed a new line of toys and books to teach young children the fundamentals of feelings. CUT: (Daniels) The Moodsters are a group of five furry little lovable detectives that go on top secret missions and help kids solve mood mysteries. We have books and we have Moodster toys and they teach the simple strategies and the fundamentals of feelings. SCRIPT: For more, go to TheMoodsters.com. That's Newsbreak from Jelly Jam Entertainment.
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