• 16-SEP-2015

  • SOURCE: Jelly Jam Entertainment

The ABCs of Emotional Intelligence - Why Your Child's EQ Matters More Than Their IQ

Award-Winning Child Development Expert Shares Simple Strategies to Build the Fundamentals of Feelings and Introduces Viewers to The Moodsters

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is defined as one's ability to recognize, understand and manage emotions, and for most people it's more important in attaining success than IQ. Research shows that children who learn these skills are more likely to do well in all aspects of life – socially, academically, physically and psychologically.

In fact, the need for EQ skills starts as early as kindergarten, with many teachers rating them as more important to school success than a child's ability to read or hold a pencil. And with students across the country back in class, kindergarten teachers have reported that more than 30 percent of children entering their classrooms are socially and emotionally unprepared to be successful. So how can parents help raise their child's EQ?