• 30-MAR-2012

  • SOURCE: Juice Products Association

New Research Shows Kids Who Drink 100% Fruit Juice Have Improved Nutrient Intake

SCRIPT: Supplementing Your Health, I'm Katie Hoeppner. New research finds drinking 100 percent fruit juice is linked to improved nutrient intake among two to eighteen year olds. Lead Researcher of the study, Dr. Carol O'Neil of Louisiana State University says nutrients, like vitamin C, folate and potassium… among others, which are typically under-consumed in most children's diets, were consumed in higher amounts by those who drank fruit juice compared to non-consumers.

CUT: (O'Neil) One hundred percent fruit juice plays an important role in the diets of children and teens, by supplying essential nutrients during crucial years for growth and development.

SCRIPT: O'Neil says 100 percent juice, which has no added sugars, is a nutrient-dense beverage choice and a smart addition to a healthy diet.

CUT: (O'Neil) Well with so many of us failing to meet recommendations for daily nutrient intake, drinking 100 percent juice should be encouraged as part of an overall balanced diet.

SCRIPT: For more information on the benefits of 100 percent fruit juice, log onto Fruit-Juice-Facts-dot-org. That's Supplementing Your Health from the Juice Products Association.