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ANCHOR LEAD: What puts a smile one your face? Whatever ever it is… today is the day to spread it. Brian Osuch has more on the International Day of Happiness. (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Brian Osuch. Whether it's raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens… if it makes you happy – today, International Day of Happiness – is the day to celebrate it. Live Happy Magazine's Joseph Panetta… CUT: (Panetta) At Live Happy we've created this campaign called Acts of Happiness, because science proves happiness grows when you share it. So what we're trying to do, is to help inspire people throughout the country to share what they do to spread happiness. SCRIPT: Panetta says that could be anything… like a note that makes someone happy or a gesture that inspires another. But make sure you share! CUT: (Panetta) This is mostly a social campaign, so if you go to ActsofHappiness.org, you can post on our virtual wall how you share and spread happiness. Go to our Facebook page and adopt our badge. You can even tweet using the hashtag #HappyActs. SCRIPT: How else can you spread and share your happiness… CUT: (Panetta) We're asking everyone to take a picture of themselves with their arms above their heads in the shape of a "Y." And then tweet it out using the hashtag #HappyActs. SCRIPT: For more, go to ActsofHappiness.org. That's Lifestyles from Live Happy Magazine.
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