• 29-OCT-2014

  • SOURCE: LEGO Group

669 Children Used LEGO® Bricks to Build their Version of a more Sustainable Future

Copenhagen, Denmark: For three days, hundreds of children have taken part in building their version of a more sustainable future using one million LEGO® bricks. In collaboration with Sustainia and the World Wildlife Fund, the LEGO Group organised a challenging building event for children to help increase their awareness of sustainability issues.

Leading up to the gathering of the UN panel for climate change in Copenhagen (IPCC), the LEGO Group collaborated with Scandinavian think tank Sustainia and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to create awareness of the sustainability challenges and opportunities that future generations face. The LEGO Group's mission is to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow, our children. The event was designed to provide children with an opportunity to use LEGO bricks as their tool to spur new thoughts and alternative means for them to discuss sustainability issues such as climate change.

"I am deeply impressed by the many creative and inspiring solutions the children have built here and to see them have so much fun. They really took it as a learning experience, and they were very eager to express their creativity. I hope this event will inspire new thoughts and ways of communicating how we can build a more sustainable future," says Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, President and Chief Executive Officer of the LEGO Group.

Available material includes b-roll and pictures from the Build the Change event, as well as general stockshots from the LEGO Group.