• 11-MAY-2012

  • SOURCE: LEGO Group

LEGO Group Celebrates the Power of the Brick Building the World's Tallest LEGO® Tower

LEGO World Tower in Korea
More than half a million bricks are at disposal in South Korea where the latest LEGO® World Tower is currently being built. 4,000 children are expected to participate in the build which is going to attract more than 50,000 visitors to the site at the Olympic City of Seoul. Everyone's hope is that the tower will stand taller than the last one - created in France at 31.6 meters.

The company is celebrating its 80th anniversary and many years of strong presence in the Korean market and is hoping the tower will bring families together to have fun and enjoy the power of the brick. LEGO® is the first branded toy in the Korean market and the Group has had a longstanding strong presence in Asia. Material from the event will be available on Sunday, May 13. Available material currently includes general views and soundbites with Jens Peter Poulsen, Head of Asia.