• 02-OCT-2013

  • SOURCE: LEGO Group

The LEGO Group Presents Ambitions for Asia Following Successful Interim Results

The LEGO Group recently announced its half year results for 2013 posting a 13% revenue increase that has been fuelled by strong growth in Asia and new product innovation. The strongest performance so far this year was experienced in Asian markets with growth in consumer sales of over 35% for the first half of 2013 with China being in the forefront, exceeding 70% consumer sales growth. Recognising Asia as a growth driver the company organised a press conference in Singapore giving an opportunity to multiple stakeholders to discuss the LEGO Group's ambitions and results so far.

The LEGO Group recently established a new regional Head Office in Singapore and announced that they will be building a new state of the art factory in Jiaxing China to supply products to the growing market. Once it's fully operational by 2017, 2,000 employees are expected to be employed at the most modern LEGO factory in the world. All products manufactured in the new factory in China will be sold within Asia. The company has a long history in the continent and is one of the 3 top brands in Asian toy markets today, outgrowing the market by a factor of 5 during the first half of 2013. The LEGO Group is expecting to increase its number of employees within other areas of the company in Asia by +50% in coming years.

Available material includes b-roll of the Singapore Head Office and of retail environments in the country, as well as interviews with the company's top management talking about the exceptional results, growth initiatives as well as the LEGO Group ambitions and performance in Asia. An edited package is also available.