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ANCHOR LEAD: Whether milk or dark chocolate, most Americans love a sweet indulgence. And, like a great tasting meal, there are a few crucial elements to creating a chocolate experience that is truly unparalleled. Chanel Caraway has more. (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Chanel Caraway. Celebrity chef Curtis Stone knows a thing or two about taste – and as a culinary expert and chocolate lover, Stone has teamed up with Lindt chocolate for the "Taste the Difference" campaign, educating people about elevating taste experiences, whether they're making a cup of coffee, incorporating innovative ingredients into a recipe, or enjoying chocolate. CUT: (Stone) As a chef, quality ingredients and passion are crucial for making dishes that wow. I'm teaming up with Lindt chocolate to share some tips and highlight how passion, quality and expertise, create the world's finest products, like Lindt premium chocolate. SCRIPT: Stone says that attention to detail is paramount when crafting an unforgettable taste experience. CUT: (Stone) Just like I do when I'm in the kitchen, Lindt controls every step of the chocolate making process. Very few chocolate makers can still claim this level of control, but the result is delicious products that offers chocolate beyond compare. SCRIPT: To watch the videos featuring Stone and to receive a special Lindt offer so you can taste the difference, visit the Lindt Facebook page. That's Lifestyles from Lindt. I'm Chanel Caraway.
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