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Calling All Brave Girls



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ANCHOR LEAD: Groundbreaking research on girls and courage shows surprising results on the challenges young women across the country are facing in today's society. Chanel Caraway has the details. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Chanel Caraway. From the classroom to the boardroom, today's young women are faced with many obstacles to success including gender stereotypes, self-esteem and social media pressures. Co-founder of the Girls Leadership Institute and best-selling author Rachel Simmons… CUT: (Simmons) Girls are under enormous pressure, and that makes it so hard to speak up for what matters to you. That is why Keds and Girls Leadership Institute have partnered on a new study and what we found is that they don't really understand bravery as an every day act. SCRIPT: According to Simmons, the new campaign a Million Brave Acts, will help girls see bravery as something they can do all the time to help them be their best selves. CUT: (Simmons) Parents can get more information on what the Keds Brave Life Project is about. You can get resources for girls with practical guides on how to be brave in an every day way, and also get more information on how to attend our Brave Life Summet this August in New York City. SCRIPT: For more information visit BraveHearts-dot-com. That's Newsbreack from Keds.
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