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ANCHOR LEAD: The following is an important message about back-to-school time. (:60) SCRIPT: Are your children ready for back-to-school? During your preteen or teen's next health check-up or sports physical, be sure to ask the doctor or health care professional about diseases they may be at risk for. As with young children, adolescents should have regular check-ups, especially before the school year begins. During that visit, it's important to discuss diseases that may affect them now or in the future, including diphtheria, meningococcal disease, pertussis, influenza, tetanus, and human papillomavirus, or H-P-V. H-P-V is a common virus that can affect both females and males. Although most H-P-V infections clear on their own, there's no way to predict who will or won't clear the virus. In some instances, it can lead to significant diseases. To learn more about diseases that may affect your preteen or teen and how to prevent them, talk to your child's health care professional and visit MomCentral.com/teenhealth for a brochure developed by Merck, the American Nurse Practitioner Foundation and the Physician Assistant Foundation.
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