• SOURCE: Messe Muenchen

electronica 2016 News Footage



Shoot Date

08 Nov 2016

Shoot Location

Munich, Germany

Production Company

Messe München GmbH

Edited Package
1. General Shots trade show atmosphere, entrance, people, etc. 00:00 2. Infineon Technologies 3D Imagesensor. This new product ist so small that it can be build into a smarthpone. Martin Lass filming at the booth an showing the 3D Animation on this phone. Infineon: 3D Imagesensor, der so klein ist, dass er in ein Smartphone verbaut werden kann.Standtotale. Martin Lass filmt am Stand, diverse Einstellungen. 3D Bild vom Stand auf Smartphone 01:09 3. Soundbite Martin Lass, Produktmanager InfineonTechnologies: "Our worlds first Real3-Imagesensor can build up data from the depth in realtime. He is so small, has a high performance and less power comsumption that he fits into a smartphone." 02:02 4. Computer solving Rubiks Cube Rubiks Cube at the booth, different angles, computer taking time, less than 1 second 02:20 5. Renesas Booth, of world's number one supplier of microcontrollers Scale model of a car with a maximum of eight cameras on board for a perfect surround view Different angles of scale and cameras Monitor with 360 degree view 02:44 6. Soundbite Uwe Westmeyer, Senior Principal Engineer, Renesas "With this System-on-Chip we can film up to eight cameras and bring them with a surround view of electric mirror and identification of the driver by one chip on a monitor." 03:38 7. Omron Identification and recognition of faces, gender, age and emotions Faces in monitors at the booth, different angles Scanner on monitor 03:51 8. Soundbite Jun Nakaichi, Product manager, Omron in english 04:41 9. Futuba OLEDs, various products, watches and tracker, flexibel displays, colour and also black and white 04:49 10. Soundbite Burkhard Jaeger, Key Account Manager, Futuba "The area of use for this flexible OLEDs is sports and health to motivate people to exercise. It starts with simple activity tracker to motivate climbing stairs, if you walk a lot you can leave comfort zone." 05:36 11. Fraunhofer Energy saving OLEDs Microdisplays for Data-Glasses, different angles Wearable Technologies, different products 06:02 12. ROHM Semiconductor Technologies which are used in the Formula E for example The mixture of silicium and carbon are manufactured at a temperature of more than 2000 Degree Celsius This technology is smaller, stronger and faster 06:47 13. 07:42
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