• 19-MAR-2012

  • SOURCE: MSN.com

Water Cooler "Convo" Starts Online

SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Brian Osuch. More and more people are relying on social media to find the latest news and trends as they break. And with more than 2 billion 'likes' and comments on Facebook and over 350 million tweets each day, it's getting harder to find what's important to you. Social Media and pop culture expert, Kinsey Schofield says there's an easy way to stay informed.

CUT: (Schofield) To stay on top of my reporting for Young Hollywood, I need every tool I can get. msnNOW shows me breaking trends from Facebook, Twitter, Bing and BreakingNews.com – all in one place. In today's world, knowing what happened an hour ago is too late… msnNOW is an easy way for me to stay in the know.

SCRIPT: Schofield says msnNOW's team of experts keeps you current on anything from celebrity news, sporting events to the latest Internet sensation.

CUT: (Schofield) When a hot social conversation or trend starts developing online, the msnNOW editors will give some key insights as to why it's a hot topic. By checking out MSN-NOW-dot-com, you'll be able to be the first in the know.

SCRIPT: For more, log onto MSN-Now-dot-com. That's Lifestyles from MSN.


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