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When's the Last Time You Got a Raise?



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ANCHOR LEAD: Ever wonder how your next door neighbor feels about his job? You may have more in common than living on the same street. Brian Osuch has more on a new report that finds many Americans are singing the benefits blues. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. New data is out, showing us just how satisfied American workers are with their current jobs and their employee benefits. Ted Beck is with the National Endowment for Financial Education – or NEFE – and says it could be better. CUT: (Beck) Over half of the respondents had aspects of their jobs they really weren't happy about. Even within that survey, we found that one out of five said that as soon as the economy improved, planned on actively looking for a position. SCRIPT: How about employee benefits and retirement? CUT: (Beck) Four out of ten actually told us that they've seen benefit cuts from their current employer over the last couple of years. Three quarters of those reported said that they've seen a reduction in things like deductibles, services provided, salaries being frozen or raises being reduced. And then also cut in retirement contributions. SCRIPT: Beck recommends setting up an emergency fund, and that can be just a little out of each paycheck, or a part of your tax return. For more, log onto Smart-About-Money-dot-org. That's Newsbreak from NEFE.
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