• 14-MAR-2014

  • SOURCE: National Mobility Equipment Dealer's Association

Living with the Challenges of Disabilities

Quadriplegic, Veteran and Triathlete, Mike Savicki, and, Quadriplegic, Entrepreneur Actress and Restaurateur, Ashley Lauren Fisher, on How to Live an Active, Mobile Lifestyle

National Mobility Awareness Month is dedicated to showing the world how people with disabilities can live active, mobile lifestyles.

Did you know?
1. People with disabilities constitute the largest minority group in the United States
2. Over 18 million people in the U.S. and Canada have mobility issues
3. Six million of those with mobility issues are veterans
4. One in five Americans have a disability
5. You have a 20% chance of becoming disabled at some point

May is National Mobility Awareness Month and the Local Heroes Campaign is now in full swing to support NMAM. Spokespeople Mike Savicki and Ashley Lauren Fisher talk about how viewers can participate in the ongoing campaign now. They discuss how to nominate and vote for someone in your life who triumphs over adversity, giving them the chance to be named a local hero - and win a wheelchair accessible van.

They also share their personal stories and how finding the right resources have allowed them to live active, mobile lifestyles, including automotive mobility solutions that most people don't know exist.